Although we’re beginning to experience technology of the future in our personal lives via self-quantifying and reality-augmenting wearables, personal music and movie recommendations from in our phones, automatic lighting in our homes, and autonomous vehicles (well, we haven’t all had that experience yet), very little of it has been brought in to our work lives. The technology promised to us by the sages of tech and sci-fi writers hasn’t benefitted us much yet at the office, where we spend much of our days doing small, repetitive tasks that distract us from the high value work we should all be doing.

For the past three years, Teem has has reduced office friction by building better user interfaces to help everyone at work get their work done a little faster, helping people get in and out of, as well as find, places to meet and work more quickly, ultimately increasing people’s productivity and decreasing their stress. We began with iPad displays outside of meeting rooms, the adoption of which has been more widespread than we ever thought possible. Then we introduced similar functionality on the web, mobile phones, and most recently via Outlook.

Today we’re announcing an entirely new way to leverage the Teem platform at work: voice.

We’ve chosen to work with Amazon’s Alexa by deploying Echo and Echo Dot units in conference rooms to get more scheduling and booking capability in the rooms where people are meeting, with just a few words. Our new Alexa skills extend the Teem platform to guide the workplace through the next evolution of how we work. The goal: reducing the barriers that stand in our way so that we can work smarter and more efficiently than ever before. Teem’s new Alexa skill capabilities meets these needs by saving time via a simple “think it, say it, book it” approach to meeting room management. Through natural voice controls, employees can now book a room, check in to an existing meeting, extend and/or end a meeting, file a work request or report issues with meeting room equipment and more. All with simple voice-powered commands.

Teem is steadfast in our focus to build the workplace of the future, offering new capabilities to knock down the obstacles keeping the workforce from being as efficient as possible. The latest in our efforts are the addition of voice control and new skills for booking and managing meetings using Amazon Echo devices.

Productivity requires the future of work to be frictionless and on demand.

At Teem, our focus is enabling the next evolution of collaboration and productivity in the workplace. And we’re executing on this promise to offer the best in-office experience to our customers with the addition of Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant to the Teem platform. It couldn’t be a better time.

Teem’s Amazon Alexa skill and new platform experience for the office of the future is currently being offered as an invite-only beta. New and existing Teem customers can request private beta access here.