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“Alexa, ask Teem to…

Manage meeting spaces and equipment faster and easier using intuitive, hands-free voice commands. Teem’s partnership with Alexa for Business is a part of our quest to create a frictionless workplace experience for your organization. Using Teem with Alexa also provides better data on meeting behaviors and resource utilization. So what are you waiting for? All you need to take control of your meetings is your voice.

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Booking a room, extending a meeting, or submitting a work request has never been simpler.

"Alexa, ask Teem to..."

"Alexa, ask Teem to book this room."

"Alexa, ask Teem to check into this meeting."

"Alexa, ask Teem to extend this meeting by 15 minutes."

"Alexa, ask Teem to submit an issue with the phone."

"Alexa, ask Teem to end this meeting."

Help Your Employees and Your Bottom Line with Increased Workplace Productivity<

Help Your Employees and Your Bottom Line with Increased Workplace Productivity

Simply walking into a space and asking Alexa to book the meeting room, check into the space, check availability, or report broken equipment creates an effortless office experience for your employees that saves valuable meeting time.

Cutting Edge Workplace Experiences for Your Visitors and Team<

Cutting Edge Workplace Experiences for Your Visitors and Team

Wow your employees and visitors with a seamless way to interact with your office environment in real-time using natural voice commands that prompt instant responses. They’ll feel as if they are talking directly with a speedy personal assistant who specializes in managing meetings.

Make Better Business Decisions with Powerful and Workplace Analytics<

Make Better Business Decisions with Powerful and Workplace Analytics

Through the Teem + Alexa Experience insights become easier to collect and more accurate. The Teem platform provides real-time insights around how an organization’s people, places, and technology work together. Real-time voice interaction increase the frequency and accuracy of the data feeding into the Teem platform. The result is an even more accurate and complete picture around conference room utilization, meeting frequency, and technology issues.

The Ultimate Tool for Meeting Room Accessibility and Functionality<

The Ultimate Tool for Meeting Room Accessibility and Functionality

Deploying the Teem + Alexa Experience in addition to the existing Teem platform of mobile, desktop, sensors, and conference room display experiences allows organizations to give their employees complete flexibility to work how they need to work. A day in the life of our users typically includes interaction with a number of these experiences. For example, over 77% of meetings are booked ahead of time via mobile or desktop—now with Teem + Alexa, those same user the ability to check in, extend their meeting, and report issues using simple voice commands.

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Watch the video and see how Box crafted a world-class workplace experience at their Silicon Valley HQ.

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Is Alexa storing our conversation?

No. Your conversations are completely private. Alexa only processes what you speak to it after you say the wake word, “Alexa,” to initiate an intent.

Can I change the “wake” word?

Yes. You can change the “wake” word to whatever word you’d like, as long as it is approved by Amazon.

Does the Teem skill work with my own personal Alexa-enabled device?

Teem skill only works with the Alexa for Business platform.

What is the difference between an utterance and an intent?

An utterance is what is spoken to Alexa. An intent is the action the utterance initiates. So for instance, requesting Alexa to book a room or reserve a room (two different utterances) will lead to the same intent.

Do variations of utterances work?

Yes. As mentioned above, variations of utterances can result in the same intent.

Can I turn off the microphone used for Alexa?

Yes. All you have to do is turn the mute button on with a single click on the device. When the red Ø appears and a red ring lights up around the device, the device is muted and will not respond to the wake word.

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The Alexa integration is available for all Premium Teem customers.