Tips & Advice for Improving
The Workplace Experience

Return To Work
May 5th, 2021
More than a year ago, COVID-19 forced many into a work-from-home model. Though their office buildings weren't being used, businesses swallowed a large amount of money just to keep empty spaces functio...
Workplace Design and Strategy
How to Create An Effective Workplace Experience
April 30th, 2021
While many companies plan to reopen their offices this year, leaders are having to grapple with the potential impact COVID-19 will have on their long-...
Return To Work
Improve Workplace Experience For Returning Employees
April 28th, 2021
Without a differentiation factor — something of value employees can get from being in the office that they can't get working from home — there's not m...
Improving Work Productivity
How to Improve Communication With Flex Workers
April 23rd, 2021
Whether full time or part time, more companies are letting employees work from decentralized locations. But just because your flex workers don’t come ...
Workplace Trends
How Room Booking Software Improves Your Digital Transformation
April 21st, 2021
From remote work to the new technologies and systems that enable it, the way we work is undergoing a major transformation. Now that employees are head...
Workplace Design and Strategy
Ways to Use Workplace Analytics Software to Improve Your Workplace
April 16th, 2021
It’s been around for years already, but the open office design concept continues to gain traction, steadily growing in popularity throughout Corporate...
Mobile App
Modernize Your Desk Booking And Simplify Your Return To Office
April 14th, 2021
To combat COVID-19, you’ve made some changes around the office. You’ve distanced desks, updated office seating strategies, set up sanitization protoco...
Workplace Trends
These Emerging Technologies Will Change the Future of Your Workplace
April 13th, 2021
From the rise of digitalization to the dwindling of manual tasks, the workplace saw several significant shifts and changes in the last 10 years. Now, ...
Workplace Trends
Boomerang Employees: How To Make the Right Call About Rehiring
April 2nd, 2021
For decades, most companies have held onto an arbitrary, "no rehire" rule. The assumption was that once an employee left the company, they shouldn't b...