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Provisioning users to your Teem account unlocks a host of benefits. The Teem AD Sync process streamlines the provisioning process for organizations using Active Directory (AD) by synchronizing users and groups between AD and Teem.

On first use, the plugin creates any Groups or Users not already in Teem and skips any users that are disabled, missing minimum information (e.g. email) or groups with zero users. On subsequent uses, it updates groups or users if something has changed, disables users in Teem if they have been disabled in Active Directory and deletes users that are no longer in the sync list. This allows an organization to maintain one source of truth for user access and maintenance (Active Directory).

Why create users in Teem?

With a Teem account, users have access to the Outlook Add-in for streamlined room booking, the Teem Mobile application, Employee Tools for web booking, and are able to view FlightBoard. Teem is continuously adding new features for users.

Head over to the support article for instructions on how to get AD sync up and running.