9 Best Practices for Teem Admins in Remote Work Surge

Productivity styles and collaboration are constantly changing inside and outside of the workplace. As a Teem Admin, there are many areas within the Teem platform you can optimize regardless of what your collaboration and work styles look like today. Whether an entire office has gone remote temporarily or there has been an increase in work-from-home days, here are a few helpful tips and reminders for Teem Admins to consider during a surge in remote work.

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The New and Improved Mobile App

The new and improved mobile app, dubbed “Teem – Collaborate & Connect,” is now ready for download. The new app makes Check-in even easier (automatic, even!) and offers smarter ways to find spaces to book. This also means that the old mobile app, “Legacy – Teem,” will be going away in the coming months.

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Ch-Ch-Changes Coming Soon for Teem Workplace Insights

Over the next coming months, we’re making some changes to Teem Workplace Insights. Primarily, we’ll be redesigning, and in some cases, removing old reports while delivering completely new reports to help optimize your workplace.

In the coming weeks, you’ll also see the “How long do meetings last?” and “What is your average meeting size?” reports go through a redesign that will be more efficient and easier on the eyes. Visitor Reports, Amenity Overview, and Meeting Lead Time will be temporarily removed while they’re under construction.

In addition to those changes, we’ll also be redesigning the front-end and publishing completely new reports focused on efficiency, return on investment, and demand for meeting spaces to help you measure your return on your workplace investments.

Pre-register Visitors with Teem Calendar Plugins

Streamline Your Visitor Management

Pre-registering guests allows users to send visitors email invitations filled with everything they need to know about their upcoming visit. It also allows Teem Visitor Management to speed up the check-in process for visitors by allowing the host to fill in visitor information prior to the visitor’s arrival.

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Teem Visitor Management Helps Organizations Comply With the EU GDPR

The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a popular topic in today’s data-rich world. Organizations have been making changes to ensure they’re GDPR compliant. We just wanted to let you know that Teem Visitor Management can help with this. Here’s how.

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The Teem Sensor Integration

New Integration
We’ve got some big news! We just released a sensor integration to make your workflow simpler. Sensors monitor space utilization to create more responsive, connected, and intelligent workspaces. Book rooms and huddle spaces, check into meetings, end no-shows, and more, all without having to push any buttons.

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