April 7th, 2020


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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Productivity styles and collaboration are constantly changing inside and outside of the workplace. As a Teem Admin, there are many areas within the Teem platform you can optimize regardless of what your collaboration and work styles look like today. Whether an entire office has gone remote temporarily or there has been an increase in work-from-home days, here are a few helpful tips and reminders for Teem Admins to consider during a surge in remote work.

Working from home

  • Turn off Zombie Hunter
    If you’re using the Check-in and Zombie Hunter features and your company has recently implemented a work from home practice for an extended period of time, please consider turning off Zombie Hunter until your employees are back in the office. This will ensure their meetings will not be removed from the room calendar while employees work together from home.
  • Expect a spike in ghost and Zombie Meetings®
    With so many things up in the air, things aren’t going to go as planned. When reviewing space utilization through Teem Workplace Insights, expect to see a spike in unattended meetings.
  • Lower brightness on room displays
    Save energy by lowering the brightness on room displays while employees work from home. This will also help with the room display’s battery life as well.

Working from the office

  • Dial the Zombie Threshold back to account for an increase in virtual meetings
    Normally, we recommend a Zombie threshold of 3 missed meetings to maintain an efficient workspace. However, with so much going on, we recommend increasing the threshold to be more forgiving in these times.
  • Use Finder to help employees avoid crowded work areas
    If your organization uses hot desks or bookable desks, use Finder to get a snapshot of where people are sitting and use the map of the floorplan to avoid crowded areas.
  • Get the mobile app to check into meetings 
    Help employees avoid interacting with room displays by having them use our mobile app (iOS and Android) available at no extra cost for Teem customers. And if employees do use room displays, be sure to encourage them to sanitize their hands afterwards.

Working from home or the office

  • Update Room Photos and Amenities
    A lot can change when the office is bustling. Use this time to update room photos and/or amenities to optimize the booking experience for your employees.
  • Ensure you’re making the most of Teem
    Make sure you’re using every feature our platform has to offer like calendar plugins and the mobile app, all included at no extra cost for Teem customers.
  • Review our user guides
    Check out our support page to learn the ins and outs of Teem and better understand product features and functionality.


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