August 19th, 2020


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

The way we greet and check in guests, clients, job candidates, and others has become a matter of protecting health and safety in addition to creating the best possible experience for visitors.

Visitor management software can help create a frictionless, more engaging experience. It improves security and efficiency while ensuring every guest has a positive first impression of your company.

But not all visitor management solutions have equal capabilities. Here’s what you need to know as you evaluate your options.

The most important visitor management software features

There are many different visitor management software systems on the market today. While they may appear identical, features and capabilities can vary significantly between solutions. Here are five things you should consider.

Simple user experience

Possibly the most important aspect of a visitor management software system is its user experience. A simple, user-friendly, and intuitive design provides a positive experience for your workforce and their guests. It also ensures they’ll use the software as intended. If the solution is complex or confusing, it’s more likely users will make errors, become frustrated, or bypass your visitor management process altogether.

Self-service, touchless check-in

Another critical element to your solution is the self-service component. When visitors can complete check-in on their own using a kiosk, it helps decrease wait times while easing the burden on your front desk reception. The ability to simply scan a QR code on their mobile phone is even better, as it eliminates the need for multiple people to touch a shared tablet throughout the day.

Visitor documentation for contact tracing

Make sure the software you choose includes visitor documentation. This way, guests can complete contracts (like NDAs or background security check forms) while creating digital records of every form.

Another part of visitor documentation that’s become increasingly important in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is the ability to securely capture contact information, such as phone numbers for contact tracing purposes. A good visitor management system will allow you to create wellness checklists and self-screening surveys that can be filled out before anyone enters your workplace.


One of the best ways to speed up the check-in process is by asking your visitors to complete any documentation requirements before they arrive and providing clear instructions (such as details about parking). Software that offers this feature will significantly increase the efficiency of your visitor management process.

Integration with your security watchlist

Many companies forbid specific unauthorized individuals from entering their property, such as terminated employees or anyone who has made threats against one of your team members. When choosing visitor management software, look for technology that checks all visitors against your watchlist and alerts appropriate personnel if unauthorized guests attempt to enter. This extra layer of security can save lives.

How easy is it to set up visitor management software?

It doesn’t matter how powerful your visitor management solution is if it’s difficult to set up. That’s why it’s essential to consider ease of implementation when you consider which software to invest in.

Ask your provider whether they offer support throughout the implementation process, and be sure to get specific. For example:

  • Who is responsible for implementation?
  • Do you offer any training or educational resources?
  • How long does it typically take for new customers to get up and running?
  • Who do I contact if I run into an issue?
  • How quickly will you respond to my questions or concerns?

The best visitor management software providers are those who offer top-quality customer support, starting with roll-out. If they can’t promise to assist you throughout this crucial process, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to provide the level of service you deserve when it comes to maintenance and upgrades.

Don’t forget to consider integrations

When a solution doesn’t integrate with the technology you and your team already know, love, and rely on every day, it can add frustration rather than increasing efficiency.

Here are a few integrations you should check for:

  • Hardware (such as tablets and kiosk systems)
  • Messaging systems (such as Slack and HipChat)
  • File management (such as Box and Dropbox)
  • Email clients (such as Outlook and Gmail)
  • Business software suites (such as Google Apps and Office 365)

Also, be sure to ask about APIs and webhooks, so you can develop your own plugins and integrations.

The visitor management software you choose will have a significant impact on the first impressions you create and how well your workforce executes your guest policies. It’s not a decision you should take lightly. By taking the time to carefully review the software’s features, ease of implementation, and integrations, you can ensure you’re selecting the best solution for your organization.

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