May 17th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Ask any office manager in any industry – from real estate to financial firms – about the main goal for their workplace and you’ll likely hear the phrase, “increase productivity” at least once.

A ton of solutions exist to help you increase productivity in your office, but separating the gimmicks from the real thing isn’t always easy.

Your time is valuable, so instead of taking each for a test-run, take a look at what we’ve selected as the best productivity apps.


Teem is a leader in the meeting scheduling and office management industry, with four different apps that help increase your office productivity.

  • EventBoard: This app creates an interactive display on any Android or iPad tablet. The app connects to the major calendar apps and populates the display with scheduled meetings. This allows employees to see which meetings occur at what time and lets them book new ones immediately.
  • LobbyConnectManaging visitors to your office can be overwhelming at times. Between phone calls and physically going to certain offices to inform workers their guest is at the building, it’s a headache that still hasn’t been relieved. LobbyConnect aims to change that, though, by creating a single visitor management portal where people sign in on an iPad app, and the person they’re seeing is immediately notified of the arrival.
  • Teem Mobile AppIf your day is full of booking meetings on the fly, the Teem mobile app can help. Users can easily find available meeting rooms, and even get turn-by-turn directions to those rooms.
  • FlightboardFlightboard is an in-browser app meant to be shared to larger displays. It populates those displays with real-time data about which meetings rooms on a particular floor of your building or campus are occupied, which are free, and when the current meetings start and stop.


What’s another common pain point for any manager? When you’re away from the office, you lose a lot of the ability to directly manage tasks and keep workflows in check.

Workfront’s mobile app lets you access just about everything you could while in the office. You get real-time visibility into your enterprise work, collaboration on projects, and status updates all in one place, allowing you to be that much more effective when you have to be away from the office.


Each department in any given company has their preferred method of communication. Whether it’s talking face-to-face, through Skype, or Google Hangouts, the various solutions used make interdepartmental communication a hassle.

Slack takes the best features of the aforementioned messaging apps and produces a simple, clean, well-organized interface inside which all departments can easily communicate.


We’re all pretty familiar with Dropbox by now, but it still makes this list because it’s still so effective. Documents are shared quickly and effectively throughout a company, and remote access is available through Dropbox’s secure connection.

Dropbox helps in other ways too because it integrates so well with other apps. For example, if you’re using the LobbyConnect software mentioned above, you can save all the sign-in and visitor information to Dropbox where visitors and office managers can see it. This is particularly helpful if you need NDAs signed by certain visitors.


With how globalized the workforce is in 2017 – and how much more so it’ll become – the need for high-quality video calls is more apparent now than ever before. BlueJeans created video conferencing software that’s now used by thousands of clients across the world.

Using the best productivity apps will make your company run smoother, with a higher degree of efficiency, than you could’ve achieved otherwise.


Michael Moulton


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