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December 12th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Google Calendar is a great, but it's not the best meeting room scheduler. That's why we created a Plugin specifically designed to enhance the experience of room scheduling inside the Google Calendar you already use. Through the right tools and resources, your business becomes more streamlined and productive.

A Better Room Scheduler for Your Business

Our room scheduling software that allows you to schedule a conference room from anywhere and from any device. Oftentimes meetings are canceled at the spur of the moment. Teem software adapts instantly and updates in real-time so you can see when a space becomes available. It also eliminates possible conflict with other scheduled meetings by showing you exactly what you need to know about the room, and if it will accommodate your planned meeting.


The scheduling functionality of Google Calendar lets you do similar things, but doesn’t offer you stats for available rooms and doesn’t warn you if someone has scheduled the same room as you. Avoid headaches and frustration by enhancing your existing calendar experience with a room scheduling software with the features and functionality you need.

Add a Room Scheduler to Your Existing Calendar with Plugins


Our room scheduling software compatible with Google Calendar as well as other existing calendar programs. Take advantage of Teem room scheduler by adding our plugin to your favorite calendar program. Our Plugins show employees what is available to them and helps them find the best space for their meeting by giving the room details and what equipment is in the room.

See for yourself what Teem has to offer by signing up with us to start your free trial today. Take advantage of our valuable resource and see how it can change the way you schedule your conference rooms — and how you do business in general.

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