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If you have a space meant to be booked only by specific individuals or groups, or you have spaces designed for ad-hoc use only (i.e. huddle spaces), then this new feature is for you! Whether these rooms are dedicated to HR for use during sensitive discussions, or for executives to host strategic conversations, or if you simply want to restrict booking for everyone and turn the room into an ad-hoc only space, Booking Restrictions is the answer.

Teem’s Booking Restrictions feature allows a Teem admin to restrict who can view and book a space within Teem tools including our calendar plugins, mobile app and web booking to designated groups.

To use Booking Restrictions to facilitate an ad-hoc only space (or ad-hoc for everyone besides a certain group), use it in conjunction with the Immediate Reservations Only setting, which will only permit meetings that will start immediately.

Booking Restrictions