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EventBoard is already helping make your office more productive by scheduling and displaying meetings that take place in your conference rooms. Another added benefit of EventBoard is that we are able to integrate your existing brand, that we know you’ve worked hard on, with an EventBoard custom theme and make your office even more memorable!

Branding Your EventBoard Conference Room Display Has Many Benefits

  • It makes an incredible first impression to all guests and visitors
  • Reinforces your brand across your office space
  • Shows off your office pride and creates a unique environment for your employees to enjoy

Want your office space to be even MORE unique? Why not try using a custom theme for each individual room. This is a great way to visually differentiate between conference rooms and to give the office even more personality. Whether it is changing background images, colors, or the entire theme, each display can be as unique as you’d like it to be.

Another tremendous benefit for our international customers is that we are able to make a custom theme in ANY language. In order to do this, we will just need your help to translate a few words into your language and your theme will be up in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!


To learn more about custom themes, visit our Custom Themes Page. For custom themes pricing, visit our Pricing page.