August 19th, 2019


The Ultimate Workplace Visitor Policy Template

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Thanks to modern, technological advances, automation is replacing quite a few jobs. Store clerks, data entry positions and customer service representatives are finding their jobs at risk. Even receptionists and office managers, who typically handle visitor management are being swapped out for automated alternatives. Some companies prefer the personal touch of an employee. Other businesses enjoy cutting costs and automating certain positions. While unnerving, some checks and balances simply outweigh an automated workforce.

While modern innovation is giving employers the opportunity to choose, here are some thoughts to help you balance and optimize your workforce.

Traditional Roles

Everyone has at least one memory of walking into an office where a welcoming receptionist or office manager welcomed visitors. Out of everyone else in that office, their face was the first you would see. It used to be the tell-tale sign of an established, reputable business to have someone available to check-in visitors and notify employees their guests had arrived.

Smaller businesses tended to represent themselves by living their family or company values. With their limited resources, it wasn't seen as a necessity to employ a receptionist or office manager.

However, companies established as industry leaders heavily relied on their receptionists and office managers who would be accountable for:

  • Scheduling interviews and recruiting

  • Employee advocacy

  • Event management and space scheduling

  • Marketing and social media

  • External and internal communication

  • Establishing a positive first impression for the company


That's a lot to manage. For these reasons and more, receptionists and office managers can feel the entire weight of the company on their shoulders.


As corporations transition into the modern workforce, these tasks are growing in complexity. Small startups are capitalizing on 'Russian doll' businesses. These rising stars are fitting a specific niche within an industry with incredible results. And because a 'one-size-fits-all' wasn't as effective, traditional receptionist and office management positions are transforming.


Modern Alternatives

As advancements emerge, small businesses are forgoing the appearance a receptionist or office manager would provide. Alternatively, iPads, bells and even sending casual texts have replaced conventional visitor management. By relying on visitor management software, small businesses don't have to pay for a receptionist's salary.

Other tasks, like marketing and recruiting, can be outsourced to other agencies. Human resource departments now handle hiring. Companies are now advocates for better communication and project management systems.

Teem totally gets it. With an iPad receptionist, visitors can simply sign in and employees will be notified instantly. This way, employees and visitors can avoid awkward interactions and manage the office lobby with ease. Small or large, corporations are becoming more self-reliant thanks to technology.


Bridging the Gap With Teem

With the increased presence of automation and technology in the workplace, that memorable first impression and 1:1 connection is lost. How can you make the most out of technology without losing the personal touch? On one hand, you have the old-school executive who prefers the look of a greeter. On the other, you have a young, forward-thinking CEO looking for the best business solutions on the market.


The truth is, your business probably lives somewhere in-between these two extremes. But we can't help but ask, why can't you have the best of both?


A friendly receptionist or office manager can still represent the face of your company and handle your corporation's company calls. He or she can greet employees and usher them to sign in using your lobby visitor management system. This way, they can spend less time managing visitors and spend more time managing the office, advocating for employees, and more.

We believe in a healthy balance. Teem's visitor and room management software helps you make an amazing first impression so you and your team can focus on what really matters: Your business.


Makenna Nielsen

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