September 7th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

We’ve heard a lot from our customers that workplace analytics have been extremely helpful in making decisions, and they frequently contact us asking for data to help them evolve their workplaces.

One request that we’d been hearing fairly regularly was for the ability to compare a metric across locations. So today we’re excited to announce that Insights now has a graph where you can compare up to ten locations. This graph is available for any level of location that you have set up in your EventBoard admin dashboard. You can compare campuses, buildings, floors and rooms, all at once. This provides context to your workplace discussions as you compare meeting room utilization and recapture rate for highly sought after rooms and/or floors.

Here’s an example of how this option could come in handy. Let’s say that a particular company is thinking about converting some of their meeting rooms into temporary offices. They attempt to evaluate the impact that such a space reallocation would have on meeting room availability by visually observing one particular meeting room’s usage over a week or so. Unfortunately, this observation phase happened during a week when a lot of employees were out of town, so the room looked underutilized.

So management decided to move ahead with converting that room to an office. But the decision was based on data that suffered from severe sample bias. After the room was converted, employees started complaining that it was getting hard to find an available conference room to book for newly scheduled meetings.

The situation might have played out differently if the decisionmakers had simply pulled up the comparison chart in their EventBoard Insights and looked at the usage of that observed room against other rooms. They would have had access to actual, unbiased data on which to base their decision.

Ready to check out the comparison chart? Here’s how.

Log in to your EventBoard account and navigate to the Insights section of the menu.

For most Insights, at the bottom of the page is a compare chart that is greyed out until you use it. Click on the orange button that let’s you “compare up to 10 locations.”

Choose the locations you’d like to compare from the drawer, click “compare locations” and shazam! The graph populates with the context you need to champion any workplace data conversation.

Here’s the same workflow, but in pictures:




Contact us and let us know how you like this feature, and what data/features you’d like to see in the future.

As always, thanks for being a part of our team.


Dal Adamson heads up product for our data team. He and the rest of our data nerds are focused on improving EventBoard’s Insights platform and solving problems with workplace data.


Michael Moulton


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