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May 13th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Your office space says a lot about your company as a whole, especially your company culture and brand.

From the big things, like the office floor plan and furniture, to the smaller things, like your conference room names, they all have a large impact on your company culture and how your employees work.

At EventBoard, we strive to have a positive, collaborative and fun company culture. And how have we been able to achieve that? One way is we recently gave our conference rooms their own names, decorations, and personalities.

Conference Room Names Inspired by Movie and TV Spots

Rather than just stick a boring number on the wall, each of our conference rooms has their own unique names.

We wanted the entire company to be involved in naming them, so we had an open suggestion timeframe for our employees. We started with a short list, and then opened up a poll and had everyone vote on their favorites.

deathstar-conference-room-1The topics of the rooms were locations within either movies or TV shows:

  • Glass Case of Emotion (Anchorman)
  • Fire Swamp (Princess Bride)
  • Los Pollos Hermanos (Breaking Bad)
  • Center for Ants (Zoolander)
  • Schwartz (Spaceballs)
  • Banana Stand (Arrested Development)
  • Death Star (Star Wars)
  • Winterfell (Game of Thrones)

You can be the judge, but if you ask me, through our collaborative efforts we came up with some pretty good names that make us laugh and help keep our office environment fun.

Uncommon Office Decor

We also added vinyl wall decorations to each conference room. The front of our conference rooms are glass, so to give each one more character – as well as offer some privacy – we added vinyls to the glass walls.

Within some of the other rooms, we had large walls to decorate, and the best way to fill that space was to add large vinyl prints that worked well with the movie location or theme for each individual room.

As the executive assistant who managed this project, I needed to find and add other decorations to each of our conference rooms, besides the vinyl wall and glass decorations.

When I ran into a block for other decoration ideas, the first suggestion from some of my coworkers was to just add movie posters as part of the decor. Although the suggestion was nice, I didn't want to use just any prints. I wanted something that you couldn't find on Amazon or at a local store. So I searched online for one-of-a-kind prints and art that worked with the room’s theme. Now, each room has its own personality, without being common.


In addition to decorating the rooms themselves to fit their names and topics, we asked our amazing designers to create unique, custom themes for the EventBoard display outside of each room. You can see they had a blast designing the different themes:



Your office should provide the space and tools you need to be effectively productive, while also inspiring your employees and intriguing any clients or guests who visit your office.

We’ve found that our unique conference room designs have helped instill a fun company culture that’s led to happier employees and higher productivity levels. Consider giving your conference rooms their own personalities, and you too might soon be reaping these benefits.

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