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October 31st, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

The world of business is becoming more and more technology-friendly as we enter a new digital age. New software, devices, and tech are starting to change businesses for the better, offering better security that also simplifies age-old processes. One such advancement is the advent of the iPad receptionist.

Through this software, you can offer visitors and employees a comprehensive, web-based interface that simplifies check-in and helps your business’s security run more smoothly.

Benefits of an iPad Receptionist

iPad receptionist software eliminates the need for paper visitor logs. It helps you easily keep track of who’s visiting your workplace and exactly when they check in and out. This software is a safe and efficient way to keep your guests happy and get them where they need to go.

The iPad receptionist software guides your visitor with relevant forms to learn the nature of their visit — and even prints off a new visitor’s badge right then and there for the guest. This software also works in real-time, updating whenever someone uses it and giving you all the data you need the moment it happens. With iPad receptionist software, you’ll know who’s in your workplace at all times.

Save Time

iPad receptionist software also helps your employees save time. Upon check-in, our software automatically sends a message to the employee the guest is visiting, saving time for both the guest and employee. Having an iPad receptionist frees up your human receptionists to work on needs that are more pressing to the company. Now they have the time to do more than just worry about visitor paperwork and checking people in.

Enhance Security

Not only will you know who’s in your business and why, you can also set up alerts and a visitor watchlist so that you can easily and discreetly perform security checks. Our software can be preloaded with previous visitor data so it will know what to do when specific people arrive and to make the process quicker for frequent, trusted visitors.

Sign up today with Teem to start your free 15-day trial and experience firsthand all the benefits of having iPad receptionist software in your company. An iPad receptionist will not only bring your business into the digital age, but it will also help your business be more secure and get guests where they are going faster and more efficiently.


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