June 15th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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At EventBoard, we do our best work when we solve a problem and get out of the way. We set out to stop room squatters and generally create sanity around meetings. We’re moving nicely down that path, and every day we explore ways to empower you even more.  

On that note, we’re introducing custom image themes. Up to this point, you’ve had two options for theme designs for conference room displays:

  1. A selection of standard themes, which every customer gets
  2. Professionally designed themes, in which our design team creates a fully custom theme just for you (available on select plans)

Professionally designed custom themes are great but don’t scale well. And more importantly, they don’t empower you, which is our ultimate goal.

Custom image themes live right in the middle, by allowing you to upload a custom background to any of our standard themes. If you have a design department, have them create something special. If you don’t have that luxury, we’ve made it easy to slap a photo like a misty mountain or your employee of the month on the EventBoard display.


And unlike our professionally designed themes where you get just one, you can now create a custom theme for every room in your office. Let’s say your rooms are named after movie characters. You can now show a photo of the character on each individual room.

You have a 2MB limit and can load a PNG or JPEG file type. Sorry, no flying kitty GIFs but if you want animation, that's an option with our professionally designed custom themes.

EventBoard works the best when it blends seamlessly into your office and culture. This is the latest step in that direction and you can expect much more soon.

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