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The Users section of the admin dashboard is a necessary tool to manage your EventBoard account and employees. Based on your feedback, we’ve just released some significant improvements while rebuilding the Users section of the dashboard from the ground up.

User management is now simpler for small companies, while also supporting a wide variety of use cases, permissions and various other requirements for large organizations. 

Some highlights of this update:

  • Add both SSO users and manually-added users within a single organization. This is great if your company uses SSO for your employees, but have contractors you want to add for things like booking, Teem or LobbyConnect hosts. 
  • You can now set granular permissions for each group.
  • User and group lists now include filtering, searching and pagination.
  • Simplified create, update or delete actions for a user. Also, to improve efficiency, you can “save and add another” to keep things moving along nicely.
  • Simplified create, update or delete actions for a group. This includes an improved detail view for groups, in addition to the list view.
  • The group detail view shows the actual permission system and allows admins better control over the group permissions.
  • A user cannot remove their own admin status.
  • We’ve improved search so you can find employees easier.
  • You can easily see which groups a user belongs to.
  • You’ll also see each user’s active/admin status right on the same page.
  • It’s easier to see which permissions a group has.
  • You’ll see the answers to frequently asked questions, right on the page.

 Eventboard Manage Users