November 30th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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In October we added the ability to find and reserve desks from our Teem phone app and browser-based Booking tool. It's a handy way for employees to plan ahead when working in a remote office, or to just temporarily sit within another department to get a project done.

teem-mobile-room-booking-app-amenities_02-1Given that an employee's ability to be productive at a desk is highly dependent upon the amenities set up at that desk, we've added the ability to attach amenities to desks. They are added by the admin, and then users can see them when booking a desk using Teem Mobile and Booking. 

Currently available amenities include:

  • Apple display
  • Monitor
  • Display - Other
  • Power source
  • Seated desk
  • Standing desk
  • HDMI Adaptor
  • VGA Adaptor
  • Chair

If there are other additional amenities you'd like to see added just let us know.


Michael Moulton

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