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January 2nd, 2020


5 Valuable Tips To Simplify Meeting Management

Ever seen a "room reserved" sign taped to a conference room door? Do you remember what you thought when you saw it? Bet it wasn’t along the lines of “Wow, that’s a really cool way to reserve a meeting room.”

We think paper conference room signage is going the way of the dinosaur. Sure, we’re a little biased. But once you try a more modern solution, we think you’ll agree. Put a Sharpie and a piece of printer paper up against a wall-mounted iPad that connects to your company email and calendaring system so the display shows all of the pertinent information about meeting schedules for the room – it’s not a fair contest.

Why You Need Digital Signage

Our conference room schedule display app has used iPads since the beginning because Apple products are known for their intuitiveness and clean design. These features are exactly why they make such great conference room signs: You don’t have to be an IT expert to run one – even 3-year-olds have mastered the swipe – and they look good.

They look even better when they’re sporting a spiffy enclosure and displaying a theme built exclusively for your company to match your brand and culture. Some companies display different custom themes for every room or floor, giving the iPad at each meeting room its own distinct look and feel.

And iPads are affordable, plus they’re easy to purchase and install, which sets them apart from proprietary hardware that can be sourced only from the manufacturer or certain partner companies.

More Than Conference Room Displays

Wall-mounted iPads are certainly a convenient and sleek way to display your meeting room information, but a conference room schedule solution should offer more than that. It should be able to do so much more than act as a digital version of a paper "room reserved" sign.

The display should be smart enough to cancel meetings if no one checks in for them. Users should be able to delete or add meetings on the spot, report issues with conference room equipment, view the availability of nearby rooms with a quick glance at an interactive map, or search for a room based on its technological and physical resources, such as the number of chairs or video conferencing system.

Although many of our customers originally found us while searching for a solution to their meeting scheduling and conference room booking headaches, once they get to know us, they find out that our platform does much more than that.

  • We seamlessly integrate with popular calendaring options such as Google Apps, Office 365/Outlook and Exchange, which helps with implementation and makes it easy for end users to adapt to a new conference room reservation system.
  • Learn how your meeting space is being used with analytics and reports. EventBoard captures data from all of your company’s meetings and presents it as charts and graphs so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Our Insights section takes it a step further by making recommendations for specific actions you can take to improve meetings, based on your company’s unique data.
  • We also offer a visitor management system, so your IT department can manage both lobby displays and conference room displays from one dashboard.

Today’s employees expect their tools at work to be as easy-to-use and fresh-looking as the technology they use at home. iPads running a conference room display app fit the bill.

And if that’s not reason enough to ponder a switch, consider that an online meeting scheduling system can cut in half the time it takes for someone to schedule a meeting. Your coworkers will thank you – especially if they happen to look up and see that meteor headed for your paper sign collection.


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