Improving Work Productivity
April 13th, 2016


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Employees, on average, attend 62 meetings a month – and they consider 31 hours spent in those meetings as unproductive.

But meetings are crucial to doing business. So rather than complaining or trying to duck out of them, use these tools to make your daily meetings more productive and enjoyable.

1. Timer+

Like you could probably tell from the name, Timer+ is a timer app. Timer+ runs in the background, so you're free to use other apps or your device however you need to during your meeting. You can create, label and reuse timers with a simple tap to start, pause and start your timer. It works on iPhones, iPads and is compatible with the Apple Watch.

One reason people waste time in meetings is because they don’t stick to the meeting’s set timeframe. With Timer+, you can be sure you wrap up your meeting on time, so you’re not late to your next one.

2. Evernote

Many people in search of improved productivity love Evernote because of its simplicity. Meetings can get complicated – agenda, notes, action items, etc. Evernote allows you to easily manage all those aspects in a simplified way.

You can ensure all your different meeting notes stay neatly organized, and you can save yourself a lot of time (and finger cramping) by recording your business meetings. Evernote allows you to be prepared for meetings, stay digitally organized and share your notebooks so you and your colleagues stay up-to-date for greater business success. And it’s instantly available on every device so you’re always connected to what you need to be.

3. MindMeister

We live in a visual world, where 65% of people are visual learners. Visuals stick in our long-term memory. Our brains process visuals faster than text and images help improve comprehension.

MindMeister is a collaborative mind mapping platform that lets you visually capture, create and share ideas with your team. It's an especially great tool for brainstorming and project planning meetings. This mind mapping tool supports all web browsers and both Android and iOS devices, so you can view, edit and present your maps on the go.

4. Attentiv

A decision-making and team collaboration meeting platform, Attentiv makes your meetings more productive. It allows you to start team chats, anonymously submit your input during a meeting – perfect if your meeting room personality is "the quiet one" – easily switch between topics and get real-time feedback during a meeting. Attentiv gets every attendee involved through more effective team communication. Discover ideas and solutions to put into action that you otherwise may never have heard.

5. EventBoard

Hey, we've got to toot our own horn a little here. After all, our platform was built to solve meeting-related problems. Our conference room displays and other meeting scheduling tools make it easy to meet smarter, whether you have two conference rooms or 2,000. EventBoard can help you start meetings on time, every time, and eliminate the unproductive process of wandering around the office looking for an available meeting room with the right technology.

Whether it's these 5 tools or others, given how much time you spend in meetings, it just makes sense to invest in a digital meeting toolkit that enables greater personal and meeting productivity.

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