September 1st, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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You do this while you’re in bed, watching TV, on vacation and while working. No, it’s not eating. It’s checking your email.

The average employee spends about 6.5 hours a day checking their email. And that’s not including the time it takes to read and respond to emails.Although you can’t just stop checking and responding to work emails, if you can spend less time in your inbox, you can focus on other important tasks and improve your work productivity.

More effectively manage your inbox so you can be more efficient – both in and out of the office – with these three tools.

1. Throttle

If you’re looking to prioritize your emails, unsubscribe from unnecessary emails and spend less time each day checking and responding to emails, then Throttle is a good all-in-one tool to check out.

It creates a unique email address when you sign up for something online, i.e. reward programs or newsletters, and gives you total control over all of those subscriptions. With just one click, you don’t just unsubscribe from a site you no longer wish to receive emails from; Throttle shuts down that uniquely created email address so you’re totally off their radar.

Throttle also boosts your daily productivity by cleaning house (your inbox) by getting rid of less important emails so you can focus your time on the more important ones. And, as one of its best features, this organizational tool sends you a daily digest email. It puts all your need-to-see emails in one email, which clears the clutter and saves you major scrolling and sifting time.

2. Mixmax

Mixmax calls itself “the productivity suite for sales.” It tracks opens, clicks and downloads so your sales team members know who opens an email and when they open it.

You can book remote meetings with its one-click scheduling feature, where the recipient chooses a time from right inside the email and then Mixmax does the rest. And rather than rewriting similar emails or copying and pasting the same information over and over, create great-looking emails for all your customers and clients using one of Mixmax’s premade templates.

What if you have the time to write an email, but it’s 5:00 p.m. and you know the receiver won’t see it until the next day, or maybe even later if it gets buried under several other emails they get this evening? Mixmax lets you write an email whenever you want, and then schedule it to automatically send at the time you know the receiver will see and read it.

The solution also has the ability to create multiple email signatures, add surveys inside emails, custom brand emails, and embedded content, and even prevent an email from sending after you’ve clicked send.

3. Todoist

Your team lead sent you an email with some important info a few weeks ago, and now you need it ... but can’t remember when he sent the message. So you have to search through all your messages from the last few weeks, equaling hundreds of emails and valuable minutes of your time.

Todoist is a to-do list app for anyone who has a crammed inbox and enjoys the satisfaction of checking an item off a to-do list. Todoist’s Gmail and Outlook extensions integrate their task manager right into your inbox, letting you review your daily to-do tasks and collaborate on shared projects from inside your inbox. If you click on the task you created, it takes you back to the original email.

Your time is precious, so don’t waste most of it checking your work email. Use these three tools to more productively check and manage your inbox and get back the time you need to be more productive at work.

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