November 14th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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Enterprise meeting management software is here to bring your company into the future. The struggles and confusion brought on by your company’s conference room sign-up sheets are now over. Enterprise meeting management updates in real-time so there is no longer any confusion over who booked what and who is in what room. This software will help your company cut back on meeting times, better utilize the time you have, and keep track of important analytics to further improve your company’s use of time.

Cut Back on Time Spent Organizing Meetings

The planning of meetings and the process of booking conference rooms too often devolve into struggles, and that takes up important time that could be used for more important things. Enterprise meeting management software is here to help you cut back time on meetings and improve how your company does business. Utilizing smartphone devices, it is easy to check when a meeting room is available and book it.


Tablets next to conference rooms also show not only the booking schedule for that room, but also integrate the company’s entire calendar so that you are in the know for both future meetings and also other activities that might interfere with a planned meeting.

Keep Track of Meeting Analytics

Enterprise meeting management software collects valuable data so that you can make changes to best accommodate the needs throughout your workplace. The main goal with these stats is to help you keep track of only the important information so that you can find ways to cut back on time wasted organizing and managing meetings. This software lets businesses know when conference rooms are being underutilized, which rooms are getting booked more often than others, and at what time of day they are getting booked. All information is updated in real time so you get an accurate look at what is happening right now.


No more will you find a team waiting outside a conference room waiting for another meeting to end. Stay ahead of the game with enterprise meeting management software—sign up with Teem today to learn more about how this software can improve your company. We have a comprehensive pricing guide available so you will always know what you are getting from us and our software. The enterprise meeting management software will improve the way you do business and cut back on wasted time preparing for meetings and waiting for conference rooms to be open. Take advantage of this amazing software and see how Teem can improve your company today!

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