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We’ve released updates to our iOS EventBoard and LobbyConnect apps. The changes include:

EventBoard 2.8.9

  • Work Requests now require a description when being filed. We have found that when end users select just “Apple TV,” for example, that doesn’t provide enough info for your company’s help desk to be able to resolve most issues.
  • Maps are faster to load in larger organizations.
  • Fixed an edge case bug where the map’s “snapback” would get a bit excited and snapback too quickly. It’s now always 15 seconds of inactivity before it goes back to the default view.
  • If you have a large conference room with multiple EventBoards – for example, one mounted at each entrance to the room – checking into one iPad will now check into the other, as well. (So your meeting is not canceled by the second display because it thinks you didn’t check in.)

LobbyConnect 1.6.5

  • Fixed an edge case bug where the “Your visitor has arrived” notification would be delayed in sending to the host. This didn’t impact many of you. But if it did, you can update now.