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July 26th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Recommended-Android-Room-Display_250-1Today’s enterprise businesses are built on all sorts of different devices and platforms, from employees’ phones of various types to beacons and sensors and the Internet of Things. And all of these tools need to work together seamlessly.

We’ve always aimed to help organizations toward that end goal, without making any assumptions about what types of systems they use.That’s why EventBoard has worked with different calendar systems from Day 1.

And that’s why we’ve just rolled out a native conference room display app for Android. We realize that not every organization is set up to support iPads. By supporting Android, we can help even more businesses improve their meeting behavior, and provide them with insights on meeting room and technology use.

We recently joined the Google for Work and Education Partner Program, which gave us access to Google's development team and allowed us to work closely with them to make EventBoard for Android a robust and solid offering.

Two of the coolest things about it:

  1. The ability to update the app from the EventBoard admin dashboard, eliminating the need to manually update each device.
  2. The Samsung tablets we’re supporting can be hardwired with low voltage cabling that provides both power and data, so the room display doesn’t rely on WiFi for an internet connection.

manage-devices-illustration-1We’ve always had a goal to make maintenance for the individual room displays zero touches, and now it’s possible. It’s pretty epic.

Right now we’re supporting a select few Android tablets by Samsung. We’ll add support for other devices as needed, but only for enterprise-grade devices that meet our requirements for security and scalability.

We started with EventBoard for Android because our room display tool is such a powerful product – its behavioral impact is greater than any other software we have today – yet the interface is simple. What powers it already exists in the cloud.

We’ll be continuing development on additional platforms and devices. We’ve hired more engineers, both on the Android side and in other disciplines, so we can help our customers keep improving until they achieve the ultimate in office efficiency.

Read more details about this latest product improvement in this blog post by our product manager, Noah Singer. 

Editor’s note: Comments? Suggestions? Let us know what you think about this big news!

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