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With the Android 1.2.1 release, we’ve made some user interaction improvements, especially to the conference room display’s time picker, which is used to select a date and time for an ad-hoc meeting.Now you can drag and drop the bar more easily by using a “grab area” on the side of it. It’s also easier to move through the calendar without accidentally moving the bar.

The 15, 30 and 60-minute “egg timers” are styled to match the rest of the app a bit better; functionality remains the same.

As always, updating to the latest version on an Android tablet is an absolute breeze. Within the admin dashboard, navigate to the More Actions button in the upper right, and select Update Android Devices. You can do this at any location level – such as building or floor – and all devices from that point down will be updated.

Noah Singer has been running product development for the better part of a decade. He joined Teem (formerly EventBoard) in early 2016 to help a crack team of developers ship the most valuable product to the most people possible.