product updates
June 12th, 2017


How to Manage Your Office Layout for Post-Pandemic Conditions

The latest version of EventBoard for Android includes the addition of LED enclosure compatibility and several usability improvements.

New features

  • Some display enclosures include colored LEDs, which you can now configure to indicate the status of the room (Available, Busy, Check-in) in order to help your employees see whether a room is available or occupied from a distance. See our support documentation for configuration instructions.

Improvements and fixes

  • The time and date picker UIs were updated
  • Maps speed was improved
  • The app will now auto-right itself (so if you rotate the tablet, the app won't be upside down)
  • The room name will now display on each device, rather than the device name
  • The issue with display brightness not reflecting settings from in the admin dashboard has been fixed


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