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August 19th, 2015


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Security is one of the top concerns of businesses today. IT departments have their hands full protecting their organizations against a variety of security threats, from network safety to data breaches.

At many companies, employee access is a weak link in the security chain.From BYOD (bring your own devices) to frighteningly simple passwords, uninformed employees are among the top six business security risks cited in a recent CIO magazine article.

Companies have to walk a fine line between protecting the organization’s information, but not at the cost of employee productivity. No one wants to suffer through 16-factor authentication before they can really get to work.

To help our customers address these challenges, EventBoard has introduced single sign-on (SSO) for Google. Paired with group user permissions, this option makes it easier for administrators to manage multiple EventBoard users.

Single Sign-On for Google

For businesses that rely on Google Apps, EventBoard account administrators can enable SSO so each staff member can easily and safely log in to their company’s EventBoard account.

Benefits of SSO:

  • Makes it quicker for individual account users to log in. Once enabled, when a user visits your company’s login page, they’ll just click the “Login using Google” button instead of entering their email address and password.

  • Enables administrators to more easiIy manage numerous user accounts. Instead of manually adding or removing each user – which takes time and leaves room for error – user management is tied to the organization’s Google Apps directory of users and email addresses. Your EventBoard account syncs, live-time, with your company’s Google Apps directory. No more updating users in two or more places.

Group User Permissions

Have you ever accidentally messed up a work system or setting you shouldn’t have been using at all? It’s no fun for anyone. Not for the employee who broke it, and not for the supervisor who let them have enough access to break it.

Adjustable user permission levels is another way we make it easier for you to walk the fine line between safety and convenience. You want to be able to share the load by having multiple administrators and managers within the EventBoard platform, while still having control over what they can do.

Each EventBoard account can have any number of users with differing access levels. Once you’ve enabled SSO, user permissions are managed by groups. Perhaps only IT needs access to device management, whereas Facilities needs to view room usage insights in the Reports section.

With our group permissions feature, it’s quick and simple to set up user permissions by role or department. Create a new group, then use the pulldown menu to specify which permissions the users within the group will receive. Once you’ve created a group, you can assign individual users to it.

Then you can rest easy knowing that your staff has the access they need, without spending the time to set up everyone individually.

We hope these features make your job a little easier, and your company’s data safer. As always, we welcome your questions or feedback, just shoot us an email at


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