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October 19th, 2015


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

EventBoard aims to help people, places and technology work better together. We’re best known for our eye-catching and intuitive conference room displays and meeting scheduling functionality, but we also get super excited about providing our customers with insightful ways to use data to improve meeting productivity and efficiency.

Case in point: EventBoard’s new integration with Redwood’s building intelligence platform, just announced this week at CoreNet Global's 2015 Summit, which will help customers optimize conference room usage by adding occupancy data.

About the EventBoard-Redwood Integration

Redwood uses low-voltage structured cabling network to safely power LED lighting fixtures and motion sensors. The occupancy sensor data is then fed into compatible building management systems or cloud-based tools, like EventBoard.

With the new integration, EventBoard is able to poll Redwood’s sensors to find out whether anyone actually shows up for scheduled meetings. If they don’t, the EventBoard reservation is automatically canceled. 

When attendees leave meetings earlier than scheduled, EventBoard automatically updates the event’s end time, making the room available for other employees. (EventBoard knows the meeting has ended when the sensors have registered no movement for a set amount of time, like 15 minutes for example.)

By integrating occupancy data with EventBoard, we can help our customers optimize their meeting rooms usage and get the most mileage out of that costly square footage.

EventBoard (booth 238) and Redwood/CommScope (booth 928) are showcasing the integration at the CoreNet’s Global Summit this week in Los Angeles.

We’re Just Getting Started

Forward-thinking businesses know that the digital workplace is here to stay. They're always on the lookout for ways to bring all the pieces together.

EventBoard has already worked with other organizations on integrations, including one with LiquidSpace’s coworking solution. And we're currently putting our heads together with other like-minded companies to fuel future integrations.

“Integrations are a vital part of EventBoard’s focus," says Zach Holmquist, co-founder and head of product here at EventBoard.

"Our customers have their own systems in place already. Through integrations, we can make it easier for them to manage their workplace technology, and help provide better data so they can make more informed decisions.”

Want to learn more about the Redwood integration and how it could benefit your business? Shoot us an email at

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