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August 3rd, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Over the last 40 years, digital transformation has created an amazing amount of progress and productivity for individuals and organizations. At the same time, the roles and responsibilities of the physical office have become much more dynamic and have a much more pronounced influence on our day-to-day activities.

Even a factor as fundamental as where employees sit has evolved dramatically. Today, more than 70% of businesses use an open floor plan to increase flexibility and to give them the ability to change up floorplans as quickly as possible.

This relatively rapid evolution of the work environment creates a new set of obligations and requirements for facilities and IT professionals. So how do you keep your sanity while still keeping up with the demands of The Digital Workplace? The modern office has a wealth of technology components and data to manage, which means that our digital work lives – just like our personal lives – can be overwhelming and distracting.

And it isn’t enough anymore to just manage the "things." Forward-thinking companies are managing their workspaces, technology, and teams to reach the ideal outcome: a productive, efficient workplace.

Recently Elizabeth Dukes, iOffice co-founder, shared this thought: "It’s not just about managing space and assets anymore. Now you’re responsible for optimizing every possible workplace function, forecasting future needs, identifying key trends and, most importantly, leveraging technology to help your organization become more efficient, productive, scalable and competitive."

So what's the answer? Technology! It might seem counterintuitive at first, to think that part of the complexity that can create problems can also be part of the solution. But it’s possible for technology to support technology by providing platforms, tools and visibility to effectively manage all the moving parts of the office, while enabling employees to take advantage of a better digital workplace.

It takes innovation to find that perfect solution, but it’s out there. And it can take a lot of the work out of your workday.

That is why today I'm so excited to announce our new partnership with iOffice, a recognized leader and innovator in the workplace management space for nearly two decades. What drives both EventBoard and iOffice is the firm belief that a modern workplace can only function as well as it enables organizations to be productive and efficient, in a way that allows its employees to be effective and happy.

By working closely together, we can provide our joint customers with an even broader and more holistic set of tools and reporting to support all aspects of their offices, from space planning and meeting management, to facilities and productivity analytics, and much more.

Technology holds the key, and platforms like iOffice and EventBoard are leading the way in how modern organizations work.

Learn more about how the iOffice IWMS solution and EventBoard work together.

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