October 11th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

If you’ve been to our website or blog before, you’ll see that it’s quite a bit different now than last time you visited. We’re thrilled about the changes to the look and feel of our main website, as well as our blog and support site, which are tied to even bigger and more thrilling changes … Drumroll …

We’ve got a new brand and a new name: Teem! (Read the official press release.)

Why Teem? Here’s the skinny, straight from our CEO and co-founder, Shaun Ritchie.

“The new brand and name more fully represent the vision we’ve always had for our company: to optimize the new digital workplace.”

“Teem represents the workplace of the future. Great offices are teeming with the best technology. They’re teeming with great people, who are teeming with great ideas for how to make their organizations more successful.

“We are providing our customers with the tools and the technologies they need to make their meeting experiences better, and the data and insights to make the necessary changes to make their own workplaces highly productive and efficient.”

“Teem is the only platform that brings together and captures the energy and efficiency of the most important elements of a highly productive workplace that fuels both happiness and productivity: the people, the technology they use, and the places they work.”

Read more of Shaun’s comments here, plus watch a video of him and fellow co-founder Zach Holmquist talking about the vision for our company.

Along with our new brand and name, customers will also be treated to a brand-new UI for our platform’s management dashboard. You’ll notice significant improvements that make it cleaner and easier to manage organizations both large and small.

We’re also delighted to announce the first-of-its-kind Workplace Productivity Index. This brand-new, interactive resource on our website presents aggregate metrics that enable companies to compare their meeting room analytics with global and national averages to optimize office space and improve overall workplace collaboration and productivity.

In its relatively short life as a start-up, our company has already been on a fascinating journey. (If you’re new, check out our Company page to learn more.) In recognition of that, we’ll be keeping EventBoard as the name of our flagship product, the intuitive conference room display and meeting management system that you know and love. Over the past few years, EventBoard has helped transformed the way companies plan, coordinate and conduct meetings, and we’re not done yet. More improvements to how we help you manage meetings and collaboration are already in the works, so stay tuned to Teem.com.

As Shaun puts it: “The Teem platform we’ve built will continue to get better, add more robust feature sets, become more integrated and more intelligent. You will see a steady cadence of fantastic product updates and product releases over the next several months that we can’t wait to reveal.”

We hope you love all of these current and upcoming improvements and changes as much as we do. It’s an exciting time, and we’re delighted that you’re along for the ride.


Michael Moulton


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