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July 26th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

We love apples, but it’s time to offer you something sweet. We’ve had a long and lofty run being exclusive to Apple. But we recognize the need to support how organizations work, regardless of what operating system or platforms they use.

We think of EventBoard as more than a product; it's also a catalyst for improved productivity and efficiency in the office. We take pride in the fact that it's used by hundreds of thousands of people at some of the most progressive companies in the world, every single day.

We never intended to be exclusive to one operating system. But we knew we wouldn’t expand to others systems before we could maintain a certain level of service, performance and value.

That day has come. We’re as excited as a kid in a candy store to support Android. For enterprise businesses, there were some partnership reasons preventing you from attaching iPads to your walls. For the small/medium-sized business, it might have been cost.

Let's remove those reasons and look forward to what can happen now.

From Day 1 on Android, you’ll get the most valuable piece of our offering: insights into how your people, places and technology all work together. And while there are some feature gaps between iOS and Android today, we’ll roll out features like Work Requests and Maps in short order.

To that point, we can roll them out silently – without a single touch on the display. That’s right, the biggest value-add for Android over iOS is the ability to do “silent updates” without the need for additional mobile device management (MDM) software.

As an admin, that means you can push a software update to your entire organization or a single room with the click of a button. For organizations with more than even a dozen rooms, this saves loads of time and manual effort.

For this reason, we'll be pushing much more frequent, but smaller updates for Android, always keeping you up to date. It's the reason we have a demo version of EventBoard in the Google Play Store, but offer the production version as a download directly from our site.

EventBoard for Android works on any tablet running Android 6 (Marshmallow) and above, with a screen that's 7 inches or above (for usability's sake). We support and endorse the Samsung S2 and Tab A, meaning we've thoroughly tested and already put them through months of abuse on our own walls.

We're excited to join the Android community, and are already looking forward to rolling out more goodness soon.

Ready to learn more about EventBoard for Android? Check out these related pages:

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