June 19th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

What’s Flightboard Signage?

Many of our customers already know and love Flightboard,  tool inspired by airport flight status monitors. Flightboard shows an organization’s real-time status for meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and more. Now, with Flightboard Signage, it’s easier than ever to display Flightboard on your digital signage solution, allowing employees to view the status of available and busy spaces in list or map view where they can find the space they need in seconds.

What’s New?

These new upgradesavailable in our Enterprise packagewere specifically built to support Flightboard views on large digital signage displays in heavy-traffic areas around the workplace. We also smoothed out some functionality focused on Flighboard configuration and deployment across an organization. With this version, multiple Flightboard views can be created and managed with unique URLS. These views can be remotely deployed to multiple locations around the globe with no re-authentication required.

Learn more about Flightboard Signage and how to save time and make your workplace more efficient.




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