July 2nd, 2015


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InfoComm 2015 was huge, even for an event recognized as the largest annual conference and exhibition for AV buyers and sellers worldwide.


Attendance broke records at 39,105 and exhibit and special event space took up the equivalent of approximately 10 football fields.

“I didn’t realize how big it’d be,” said EventBoard’s Julie Bandley about the event, which took place June 13-19 in Orlando.“Every time you’d turn a corner, there was more.”

EventBoard had a booth in the show’s Innovation Pavilion, a space for start-up companies exhibiting for the first time at InfoComm. The booth included signage spotlighting five examples of our customized conference room displays, which made an impression on attendees.

“People loved the concept, the beauty of the displays and the opportunity for recurring monthly revenue,” said Partner Sales Director Danny Webb.

Click here to watch a video of Danny talking about EventBoard. It was filmed at our booth by rAVe Publications, which produced an awe-inspiring depth and breadth of InfoComm coverage.

The EventBoard team had some fantastic conversations with show attendees, gave product demos, and talked about our platform during the 15-minute presentations scheduled for each Innovation Pavilion exhibitor.

The Innovation Pavilion was new to the show this year, and it seemed to be a success.

“Once people were in the area, they’d stop and go to all the booths,” said Julie.

Danny added, “It was awesome to see so many new companies entering the space.”

Although of course, we had a blast talking to people about our meeting scheduling platform, it was also exciting to see everything else InfoComm had to offer.

Here are some InfoComm highlights from the EventBoard team:

Danny: “The use of drones for commercial AV was interesting, and so was seeing Microsoft’s presence and how they’re really pushing for space.”

Julie: “One of the coolest things was in the booth right across from us. It was called tech dryer, for drying out wet electronics. These two women created it together, on the side – they have other jobs and used all their own money. It’s their passion.”

Brian Bond, VP of Marketing: “At the Beam booth, these robots would come up to you – rolling video screens. They were controlled remotely by Beam’s sales reps. They didn’t have any of their staff actually in the booth, everything was remote. The video was so clear it felt like you were really talking to them. They’d turn the camera around so you could see on the screen what it looked like from their end.”

Mark Higginson, Partner Sales: “It was amazing to see all these people from different countries and industries coming together to learn about new advances in the technology landscape. I met gentlemen from Mexico and China and Dubai – all brought together by an interest in better technology.”


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