Improving Work Productivity
April 12th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Employees are more productive, innovative and effective when they put their creative minds together and collaboratively work toward a common company goal. This is why meetings—be they brainstorm meetings, strategy meetings or something other kind—are important to business success.

But, with how busy employees are trying to complete their daily tasks and more employees working remotely or teleworking part time, time spent in meetings, both in the office and virtually, needs to be spent smartly and wisely.

Data from Frost & Sullivan found that 13% of decision makers believe collaboration is one of the foremost drivers behind their IT investments, while Teem data shows that on average, there are 3.3 hours of meetings every day per conference room. This and similar data, and innovative companies knowing the right technology is needed to support more productive and effective employees, is why creating a frictionless office involves using the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics to find what’s working and what’s not to make better business decisions in real-time to alter how they do business.

In regards to effective collaboration, together Frost & Sullivan and Teem have found that companies aren’t using their meeting spaces efficiently due to information gaps, like not knowing what technology is available in each room or when a room isn’t being used (either because a meeting got cancelled and the booking didn’t or a meeting ended early). These gaps lead to lost time and money.

If you want to change the way your business works, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on making more meetings spaces or buying tons of new equipment. You can use the ample amount of data that’s already available to you to improve the efficiency and productivity around the facilities you already have.

When companies incorporate the IoT and Big Data Analytics, managers are then able to rethink their current facilities, open up meeting spaces to people who need them and ensure employees use their time wisely and effectively when they meet to talk business. The right solution provides this type of data, i.e. knowing when a meeting is scheduled and if it actually took place and who attended what meeting and if their presence was really necessary.

So what makes a solution the right one? One that:

  • Offers a variety of features to help employees and meetings be more efficient, such as calendar integrations, maps, mobile booking apps, visitor check-in tools and conference room displays.
  • Has a centralized management dashboard that simplifies the tracing and analyzing of events, security tools, etc.
  • Provides analytics that let you know what’s happening, what’s working and not working and insights into meetings as well as resource demand and utilization.

Utilizing the right technology will allow you to gather and analyze data that matters to you, and help you save money, increase productivity, improve collaboration and hold employees more accountable.

Check out the full white paper from Frost & Sullivan and Teem to learn more about how Teem, along with the IoT and Big Data Analytics, can help your company successfully create a frictionless office.


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