September 23rd, 2016


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Office design has a big impact on employee engagement. So if you want a social work environment, then you need an office layout that allows people to easily collaborate and enjoy their time together in the office.

We’ve found that many of today’s innovative businesses are working hard to create fun, creative spaces with a mix of features to accommodate different work situations and styles. It might not come as a surprise that video game companies are among them. Check out these game companies – and Teem customers – that really know how to play.


When they designed this office, they had one thing in mind that they really wanted: to make everyone who enters feel like they’ve left the real world and stepped right into a fun alternate reality. And it sure seems like they've accomplished that.


Everywhere you turn there’s a gaming reference, from Halo to Super Mario. With pictures, bit art, posters, character figurines, props and a wraparound wall mural, Twitch has brought video game culture to life with their office decor.

Each of their conference rooms is named after a place in a video game or refers to video game culture. Their Raccoon City room is based on the popular Resident Evil game and features furniture and decorations that mirror the room’s video game reference.

Twitch has a break room where a catered lunch and dinner is served every day, and a bar for employees to enjoy after work drinks and socializing. And being a gaming company, they, of course, incorporated gaming rooms. They have a console gaming lounge and a PC gaming lounge, where LAN parties are known for taking place nearly every weekend.

With an office that makes you feel like you’re right inside your favorite games, it's not hard to see that these employees are living the dream.


Kabam is also headquartered in the Golden Gate City. This entertainment company is a leader of AAA console quality games for mobile devices. Like its name and logo suggest, as soon as you walk into its office, you’re hit with a boom! (OK, not literally, but there is a giant fake bomb in the corner that immediately catches your eye.)

The goal of this office space was to really maximize cross-team collaboration. With lounge spaces complete with comfy, colorful couches and chairs, plus a more private boardroom with a long table and all the needed meeting room technology, team collaboration is definitely convenient.

Kabam has also incorporated orange walls and lots of windows through its headquarters to provide a brighter, open-feel office layout.


Add to that the desks decorated with small character statuettes and a bold collage in the hallway featuring images from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and other worlds, and it's clear that Kabam’s San Fran office makes hard work, creative collaboration and fun all possible.


Best known for creating the game Minecraft, the offices of Mojang are located in Stockholm, Sweden. And it’s not just this gaming company's office location that makes it different from the other two we’ve highlighted; it’s the entire sweep of the interior design.

Combining design elements of an office and a speakeasy, Mojang’s office style is all about class and comfort, featuring hardwood floors, wood furniture, leather seating, plaid carpet and dimmer lighting that adds to the low-key feel.


Various desks and long tables offer surfaces for either working or eating. There's a kitchen that looks like it should be inside a home rather than an office, and a pool table for some friendly employee competition. They even made sure to include their own personal movie theater room.

Show up to work in anything but a nice suit and you’re likely to feel a tad out of place in this stylishly comfortable office space. But if a suit is what it takes, we’re happy to dress up to step inside this Swedish gem of an office.

Twitch and Mojang photos from Office Snapshots; Kabam photo from Glassdoor

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