June 23rd, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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Staying in sync with your team in today’s office environment can be a challenge. With employees coming and going on flexible schedules, working on several different devices, and working remotely, productivity can be lost even with the best of intentions.

To tackle this issue, there’s been a boom in cloud-based collaboration tools.Messaging platforms, project management software, and video conferencing are just a few of the products that help employees work in harmony.

One of the biggest challenges we face on the EventBoard design team is keeping our files in sync and sharing those files between ourselves and others outside of the company. To do this, we’ve turned to Dropbox. Dropbox has a laser-focus on making files and documents accessible to everyone on the team and keeping them up-to-date.

What’s even better about Dropbox? They use EventBoard conference room displays to stay productive in their own offices. We recently helped them customize their displays to give their offices an added wow. To show you how we use Dropbox, here’s an example of how we used it to implement their custom themes.

Sharing Files With Others

To begin with, we love to share resources with our customers to get their themes started. Our professional theme template outlines our guidelines and how to set up an Illustrator file for an EventBoard theme.

We also have a folder with some great examples of other custom themes we’ve created. These documents are shared with our customers via Dropbox to keep it simple and ensure that they're always seeing the latest versions.

When the designers at Dropbox were ready, they sent us their files using a Dropbox link as well. This made it easy to distribute and to download the files straight to the EventBoard folder to sync between the team.dropbox-post-sharing-1

Integrating With Other Services

Another reason we use Dropbox is its ability to integrate seamlessly into our other tools.

Slack, InVision and Trello are all services that we use every day to communicate. With Dropbox integrations, we can upload files to those tools and they will always stay in sync and relevant. So after downloading the files from Dropbox, we add them just once to our other systems. No more problems with copies of the same file living in different places and trying to keep all of them up-to-date.dropbox-post-integrations-1

Commenting and Getting Feedback

Much of our communication for getting feedback on our designs takes place in Slack, but sometimes we need a more central location to have a conversation around a particular design. Dropbox includes a great feature for leaving comments on files and getting feedback.dropbox-post-comments-210x300-1

This allows us to have a conversation about the design asynchronously, without holding a formal critique. So whether we are all at the office or some of us are working remotely, we can all give important feedback and contribute to the conversation.

Choosing the right tools is an important part of maintaining productivity in the changing workplace. Whether the tools help you share files, communicate or facilitate task management, make sure they are easy to use and integrate into how you’re already working. This is the biggest reason that Dropbox has been successful at EventBoard.

And, just like the Dropbox theme, we are using Dropbox every day to build beautiful EventBoard themes that change the face of offices around the world.

Sound interesting? See how we can customize your office too.

Scott Jensen is EventBoard's head of design. Follow him on Twitter (@_ScottJensen) or Dribbble.

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