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***Important notice for all Teem Admins.***

Teem will release updates in January and another update in March that may require changes to your infrastructure in order to stay compatible with Teem’s services (EventBoard, LobbyConnect, api.teem.com, teem.com) 

First, TLSv1.0 will no longer be supported on March 1, 2019. Modern web browsers support TLSv1.1 and later. If you are using a modern, updated browser in your corporate environment, there is no action required.

However, the following browsers will no longer be supported with Teem services: 

  • Chrome 21 and earlier
  • Firefox 26 and earlier
  • Internet Explorer 7 and earlier (IE8 and IE9 need to manually enable TLSv1.0 support)
  • Safari 6 and earlier

Second, the email domain Teem sends emails from for notifications will be changing. All email notifications after January 14, 2019, will no longer be sent from teem.com and will instead be sent from notifications.teem.com.This may affect your email spam or filtering. Please be sure emails are accepted from *@notifications.teem.com or *.teem.com to avoid any service interruptions (specifying teem.com may not work unless you include the subdomain or make it a wildcard as specified above.) 

If you have any questions at all please email us at  [email protected] or call 1-415-423-2373