October 17th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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Employee engagement is quickly becoming a leading metric for modern companies to assess the health of internal relationships. It’s the best way to measure the emotional and behavioral connections between workers and the workplace.

Inc.’s second annual Best Workplaces survey polled nearly 170,000 employees to see what makes their workplace so great. Companies participating in the survey asked employees about issues including development, communication, leadership, and team dynamics.

There are a few common themes apparent throughout the companies honored with a spot in the top 50. One is that powerful company cultures foster exceptional both individual and team performance. Another trait shared among 1 in 5 of these companies is the deployment of the workplace experience management platform Teem.

What companies in the top 50 use Teem and how does its use contribute to the organization being an amazing place to work? Let’s find out.

Elite SEM


Elite-SEM-1 Image Courtesy Elite SEM via Great Place to Work


Industry: Digital Marketing Agency
HQ: New York, New York
2016 Revenue: $20M - $50M

Elite SEM is a digital marketing agency delivering ROI to its clients through SEM, SEO, CRO, Social Media and Display Ads. Not only does Elite SEM have a spot on Inc.’s list, but was also ranked as the #1 Best Workplace for Millennials in 2016 and #2 in the Best Workplaces in New York 2017 survey. The agency has over 100 employees across 6 US locations and relies on Teem to bring order to meeting coordination chaos.

Health Catalyst


Health-Catalyst-1 Image Courtesy: Health Catalyst via Great Place to Work


Industry: Information Technology
HQ: Salt Lake City, Utah
2016 Revenue: $50M - $100M

The mass exodus in healthcare from paper to electronic records means companies like Health Catalyst play an important role in managing all of that data. Ensuring that this migration remains compliant with healthcare laws, the data is stored safely, and information remains accessible at a moment’s notice, is a tall task requiring over 500 employees. Health Catalyst understands how critical it is to integrate and automate intelligent data, which is exactly why they use Teem to understand and improve their workplace experience.

Reliance Partners


Reliance-Partners-1 Image Courtesy: Reliance Partners via Great Place to Work


Industry: Financial Services & Insurance
HQ: Chattanooga, Tennessee
2016 Revenue: $2M - $5M

As a full-service insurance agency, Reliance Partners offers sales and service of commercial transportation insurance products. Their growing team of nearly 60 employees requires a streamlined operations budget to meet the company’s growth goals. Teem helps them accomplish just that, while remaining optimized during the scaling years.

Service Express, Inc


Service-Express-Inc-1 Image Courtesy: Service Express, Inc via Great Places to Work


Industry: Information Technology
HQ: Grand Rapids, Michigan
2016 Revenue: $50M - $100M

Service Express, Inc, has a workforce of over 300 employees handling hardware maintenance for “mission-critical” servers. Along with aiding in scheduling meetings within their large workforce, the office operations and utilization insights from Teem are invaluable to a company focused on the capabilities of information technology.

Silverline CRM



Industry: Customer Service
HQ: New York, New York
2016 Revenue: $20M - $50M

Silverline CRM handles customization and deployment of Salesforce for companies in the finance, healthcare, and technology industries. Their workforce of 100-249 employees has a lot to juggle between customization requests from clients, onboarding new accounts, and continuing support for their product. This is yet another situation where Teem makes a notable difference in productivity, clearly contributing positively to employee engagement.




Industry: Advertising Technology
HQ: Fort Worth, Texas
2016 Revenue: $50M - $100M

Simpli.fi uses unstructured data to simplify digital advertising with a programmatic marketing platform. Marketers can use this unstructured data to benefit from real-time bidding (RTB) advertising exchanges. Simpli.fi’s goal is to (unsurprisingly) simplify digital advertising. But with all of that unstructured data as the rocket fuel, it’s critical for their team to stay organized and in-the-know. Teem allows them to stay communicative without obstructing company’s goals.




Industry: Marketing Software
HQ: Atlanta, Georgia
2016 Revenue: $2M - $5M

Terminus works to connect B2B marketers with the right accounts, helping them to engage decision makers and grow revenue. Once again, the importance of data and analysis in the product provided is echoed in the company’s approach to workplace experience. Teem enables Terminus to track, understand, and optimize its people, places, and technology.

TiER1 Performance Solutions



Industry: Business Management
HQ: Covington, Kentucky
2016 Revenue: $10M - $20M

TiER1 meticulously crafts custom business solutions focused on the people within the organization. Whether the approach includes instructional or creative design, or engagement techniques rooted in psychology, TiER1 helps companies achieve long-lasting results. As a company that’s clearly well-versed in fostering employee engagement as a means of improving operational efficiency, Teem is an essential component of the solutions they use internally to accomplish just that.




Industry: Digital Marketing Agency
HQ: El Segundo, California
2016 Revenue: $20M - $50M

Wpromote helps its clients drive customer acquisition using multi-channel campaigns centered on content. And, instead of the tense, results and deadline driven atmosphere synonymous with many marketing agencies, Wpromote cultivates the happiest environment possible for its over 300 employees. They understand that “happy people do better work, better work yields fabulous results.” Again, this people-focused organization uses Teem to manage their technology, spaces, and, most importantly, people.

Companies are on the cusp of a fundamental shift in the approach to keeping employee happiness (and productivity) high. The core of the shift centers on moving from restrictive policies to guiding philosophies. Inc.’s Best Workplaces survey clearly displays that actively striving towards vibrant and engaging cultures requires purposeful choices in how individuals interact with their workplace.

It’s no coincidence that 9 of the 50 companies use the same cloud-based platform to optimize the convergence of places, people, and technology in their organization. Teem matters for companies focused on the workplace experience—and employee happiness.




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