March 27th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

New Insights Report

Teem’s released a new Insights report on your recapture rate. Check it out in your Insights Library.

What Does Recapture Even Mean?

Definition of Recapture: To schedule and attend an event during the time and space that was released by Teem from an unattended meeting.

For example: No one attended Geraldo’s 30-minute meeting at 1:00. Because Teem’s Check-in feature was turned on, Teem identified the meeting as a no-show and removes the room reservation from the calendar. At 1:15, Kimberly booked and held a 30-minute meeting in that same room. The 15 minute overlap (between 1:15 and 1:30) was reserved by Geraldo, then released by Teem, and was later “recaptured” by Kimberly.

Now you know what recapturing time is. With our new Insights report, “What is your recapture rate?” you’ll learn what your organization’s recapture rate is.

Why Should You Care?

Most organizations’ calendars indicate that rooms are booked when they’re actually available. Outdated recurring meetings or simply people changing their plans without updating their calendars lead to wasting space, but Teem provides the tools needed to recapture wasted time and increase your workplace ROI.

By knowing what your recapture rate is, you can better understand your organization’s employee flexibility and space efficiency gains. Be sure to check the “Take Action” cards in the report to learn about what you can do to improve space and time efficiency for a more productive workplace.

More Insights reports are on their way so stay tuned. To learn more about the added value of our new Insights, check out Improving Teem’s Workplace Insights.




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