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Our visitor management system, LobbyConnect, offers detailed visitor logs. Those are nice, but sometimes you just want to get an overview, instead of a long list.

Maybe you’re considering renovating an outdated lobby area at one of your offices. Would you decide to go ahead with it if you knew that 80% of the visitors through that entrance were vendors or delivery people? Probably not. If 80% were job candidates or clients, on the other hand, you’d probably move full speed ahead.

Now it’s easier to get that information.

Once you’ve logged in to your EventBoard account and headed to the Insights section of the menu, find the People section, and then Visitors. (You must be logged in to access this page.)

You’ll see two tables. The first summarizes visitors by Visitor Type; the second summarizes visitors by Check In Location, for those customers who have multiple LobbyConnect displays at different entrances or buildings.

As with all of our insights, these tables respect whatever location filter you have applied. (In this screenshot, the location filter is Salt Lake City Campus, Sweet Candy Building.)

We hope this is helpful, let us know if we missed anything!

– dal
Dal Adamson recently started heading up product for our data team. He and the rest of our data nerds are focused on improving EventBoard’s Insights platform and solving problems with workplace data.