September 21st, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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Things break, things disappear, and things just go wrong in all sorts of other ways. We can't do the fixing, but we can help make sure it gets prioritized by your team. With our Work Requests feature, your employees can easily file problems about meeting room tech or equipment.

Up until now, all of these requests went to a single email address or distribution group. But hey, email is no way for your Help Desk to manage their work.

So we've come up with another way: You can now send your work requests directly into a specific project inside JIRA. We send it to the source of truth, so it's easier for you to get to the bottom of it.

With this new integration, when a work request is filed, the room location will show in the title of the JIRA ticket so you can easily assign it to the appropriate people. The ticket also includes the resource that was filed, i.e AppleTV, dry erase board, Chromecast ... and the description of what's wrong.

Atlassian is a leader in the issue tracking space, so it was a natural place to start. But we know there are more great ticketing systems out there, so comment here or let your sales rep know who you'd like to see an integration with next.

Noah Singer has been running product development for the better part of a decade. He joined EventBoard in early 2016 to help a crack team of developers ship the most valuable product to the most people possible.

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