August 22nd, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

We firmly believe that optimizing the digital workplace is crucial to enterprise organizations in all sorts of industries, for all sorts of reasons. Less friction in the workplace leads to more engaged and happier employees, better use of resources ranging from tech to real estate space, and an improved bottom line.

But even though our platform is already helping more than 1,800 customers improve the connection between their people, places and tech, it’s still been fantastic to see such broad interest in our recent funding announcement and employee happiness survey(See below for specific coverage.)

Every business loves good media coverage, but what we’ve enjoyed even more is seeing how different aspects of our solution resonate with different media outlets and their readers. It shows how important these workplace improvements are to businesses, regardless of what industry they’re in.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal article focused on Nokia’s investment (from its $350 million fund for connected devices) and our partnership with GE to integrate our software with sensors in the office. The reporter also highlighted our goal of helping offices move “away from haphazard scheduling systems, double-booking meeting spaces and so-called ‘ghost meetings’—meetings that are scheduled on a company calendar, but don’t actually occur, leaving the space unused.”

USA Today

In their article “Workspaces, they are a-changin,’ “ USA Today cited EventBoard data showing that meeting length increases when the number of attendees increase. They also quoted our CEO Shaun Ritchie’s point that smaller meetings go faster, so “you get to decisions quicker and get back to your day. That’s the definition of innovation.”


Heather Clancy’s article pointed out that the founders of Domo, InsideSales and Salesforce were all seed investors for EventBoard. She also highlighted some of our platform’s key features, such as automatic cancellation of recurring Zombie Meetings®, and our integrations, including our partnership with Current, powered by GE, and what building sensor integration could mean for facility managers.

Venture Beat

Venture Beat honed in on how we’re driving innovation around improving the office experience with employee-focused apps and deep data driven insights, and also mentioned our new desk booking feature and some of our most high profile customers (Uber, Twitter, Dropbox, Viacom).


Vator neatly summarized one of the biggest benefits for our customers: “to streamline who gets to use a meeting space, and when, without having anyone getting into conflict over it.” Writer Stephen Loeb also emphasized our focus on shaping the future of work, quoting our CEO Shaun Ritchie, who said: “As our platform evolves, we will continue to peel back the layers of how offices work best, how we can make the workplace most efficient and how we can help employers create an environment where employees want to be. Companies of all sizes need to work smarter, not harder.”


BizReport posited that although most American workers don’t think that their bosses care about their workplace happiness, “businesses need to care because research has shown that happier workers are more productive at work.” The article also said “EventBoard’s platform addresses key areas of concern for employees in today’s workplace and aids in resolving conflicts before they become bigger issues, helping employees connect and collaborate more efficiently than ever.”

Workplace Insight

Workplace Insight, a widely read publication dedicated to the design and management of workplaces, covered our inaugural employee happiness survey, pointing out that “the report highlights the inadequate provision of workplace technology even though the tools people use are seen as essential for their happiness and productivity.”

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