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Introducing: Finder!


We all know that most of our meetings on any given day are the unscheduled ones. You finally run into that Facilities Manager in the hallway or the only HR Business Partner who can answer your question⁠—you need a space to talk, so what do you do?

With Finder, all you do is walk up to a kiosk where you can quickly see what’s available and book a room ad hoc in seconds. From this intuitive touch interface, you can also secure hot desks, locate assigned desks (Where is Becca sitting these days?), and wayfind via interactive maps.

If you’re on the top tier package for Teem, Finder is available for free (hardware not included). So why wait? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start using Finder.


Helping navigate your space with these new features

  • Simple, straightforward map: Our map design streamlines the booking process, provides heightened accessibility for all users and focuses on simplicity and clarity.


  • Find it right away: Search for desks, rooms, and people—across multiple floors!
  • User-friendly view: Choose whether your floor is displayed as an interactive map or a list of rooms and resources.


Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions regarding these enhancements.