December 21st, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Our new Quick Add feature introduces a new process for building out your locations, giving users the power to scale with less effort and more speed than ever before.

Teem users with Admin privileges will see a small (+) symbol as they hover around the Location Directory, which we call the Quick Add button.


Clicking the Quick Add button will add a new, nested space. In other words, when you click Quick Add on a campus it will add a building to that campus, on a building it will add a floor to that building, on a floor it will add a space (room/lobby/desk) to that floor, and on a space it will add a device to that space. With this feature, users can build out an entirely new location in minutes. Locations created using Quick Add inherit settings from their parent location.

We’ve also built drag & drop functionality into the tool, which makes it handy to clean up one-off mistakes or move a location to a new one (such as moving a floor to a new building). One thing to keep in mind if you use our Maps feature; this won’t update and redraw a map for you, so if you’re making these changes to a floor that already has maps just let us know and we’ll update the map accordingly.

To use the tool you must have admin privileges in the account. These are the same privileges needed to make any other changes to locations, so if can already do that you’re all set.


Michael Moulton


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