September 19th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Webhooks are simple, yet powerful. When an event takes place, we push it to a desired location – a URL of your choosing – then you do what you want with it.

We now offer webhooks for the most popular actions within our products, and will introduce more in the future. (Hint: Tell us what you want!)

We currently offer:

  • Visitor has arrived/checked in (LobbyConnect data)
  • Visitor has checked out (LobbyConnect data)
  • Meeting check-in (EventBoard data)
  • Meeting canceled because nobody showed up (EventBoard data)
  • Meeting ends early (EventBoard data)

And yes, that last one really does happen in real life!

If you have an intranet or internal logs, this is a great way to use your own data in an actionable way. We have customers that will be using meeting check-in to adjust the lights in the room, and even to activate a red light/green light notification outside the room. Others will be using visitor check-in to create their own notification system for employees and groups.

Take a look at our new webhooks and let us know what you come up with. If there are events missing that you’d like to see, just mention them here or to your account rep to start the conversation.

Noah Singer has been running product development for the better part of a decade. He joined EventBoard in early 2016 to help a crack team of developers ship the most valuable product to the most people possible.


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