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June 1st, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Let's face it, in the majority of cases work is a huge part of our lives. The people, places, tasks, and things that make up our "work life" - in reality, make up a huge part of our life as a whole. I've struggled, in my career, to find a good "work-life balance". I've tried a variety of strategies, from adhering to a myopic schedule (literally creating a calendar event for "Free Time") to changing my clothes when I got home (I called this the Mr. Rogers method). For whatever reason, these methods didn't work for me. I still ended up responding to late night emails/slacks, working on projects all weekend – and a more often than I'd like to admit, I felt the sting of annoyance while I was doing it.

I've been with Teem for about 8 months now and I have to say, life at Teem has been different - here's why.

Management Treats Employees Like REAL People:

Now don't jump to conclusions - all employers are not evil Vogons (see Douglass Adams) with a coldly cruel focus on profits at the expense of all else. However, at Teem I've witnessed a very humanistic approach in nearly all areas from the entire organization. At the end of the day a business exists for the purpose of making money, but at Teem we strongly believe that if we treat each other right - success follows.

"I'm not here to IPO or be a 'unicorn.' I'm here to build a company that obsesses over the success of our customers and put them first. If we build a company full of amazing people who are empowered to amazing things for our customers, we'll get there."

- Shaun Ritchie, CEO & Founder at Teem

We Do Cool Stuff

I don't care how many Foosball tables, coconut water stations or wellness programs you throw at me - if the "thing" we make is boring or uninspiring... I'll have a hard time staying engaged. Fortunately for myself and the other Teammates/Teemers/Teambillys (we're working on it..), we are developing some really cool stuff. I won't divert focus too much to promote our wares, but check it out - Teem is so much more than displays on a wall, think analytics and task automation for your workforce - and I think it's pretty rad.

I’ve worked a lot of places, both big and small over my 15-year career and Teem is without question one of my favorites. As a newer employee, I love how Teem has been so welcoming. Everyone is so approachable and helpful, and have been willing to make sure I have whatever I need to be successful in my role. The culture is the right mix of hard work and fun. Even though we are growing quickly and experience some of the challenges associated with that, everyone has each other’s back. Teem has created a culture where the employees are treated how we’d like to treat our customers. And that’s huge. I love being part of an organization that is shaping the digital workplace landscape and positively changing the way people work. We all have site of the company’s mission and vision, and everyone is “all in."

- Paul Yoachum, Director of Partnerships at Teem


Our Office Rocks

Anyone who has ever worked in a sea of beige cubicles can attest to the fact that your work environment mattersThe Teem offices are nestled in downtown Salt Lake City, in a historic candy factory. We have huge open ceilings with beautiful windows to match, framed by exposed brick and a wealth of glass conference rooms. Our break room is generously stocked with healthy snacks, drinks and even iced coffee on tap! We have quick access to all the great food and parks downtown SLC has to offer, and we take advantage with many employees taking the time to work outside of the office. All this and I haven't even mentioned the slide yet... 

"People. Regardless of how you slice it, we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our own family. Yes, Teem is full of amazing, talented and dedicated people. Yes, everywhere you look the Teem crew is collaboratively solving complex problems. Yes, people at Teem strive to delight our customers. But the real reason why Teem is great, the one factor which drives all of this, is that Teem is a family. And when you have this kind of relationship with your workers, everything is fun and anything is possible. The icing on top: we have a really cool product."

- Kyle Jacobsen, Director of Product at Teem 

Smart People Work Here

I don't care what you are doing or how much you are getting paid to do it - coworkers can make or break a job. At Teem you are surrounded by smart people at the top of their game with the added benefit of them ALSO being wonderful people to work with.

" Teem is by far the best place I’ve ever worked. The people I work with are brilliant, energetic, and excited to solve problems together, and luckily, we have an awesome product that makes that kind of collaboration easy!" 

- Chris Coonradt, Technical Support Manager at Teem


"I have been at Teem nearly two years now and I can say with my heart and soul that I have found a place that I never want to leave. Teem isn’t just a well performing company, it is a family—a team. The culture we have cultivated has been one of friendship, trust and support. We are all friends, we all cheer on success and we work together to perform our very best. Here you are appreciated, here you are rewarded, here you are loved." 

- Greye Flannery-Adams, QA Engineer at Teem




Blend or Balance


In the beginning, I mentioned that in the past I have struggled to find the best way to find the correct fulcrum point for my "work/life balance", and I think I've found it. There is no way to "balance" work and life. Work is life, just as much as bike rides and Netflix binging - the key is to find a job/company/career that is as rewarding as the rest of life and that understands its role to play.

Obviously, we are pretty big fans of Teem, but we're not the only to notice. Inc. Magazine recently posted their list of the Best Places to Work - and Teem is fortunate to be recognized :)

I'd like to end in the words of one of Teem's longest time and most beloved employees taken from an excerpt of her larger post:

"Teem is a sympathetic, employee-driven, fun place. The culture is one that is driven by passion. Passion for the work we do; passion for the friends we work with; passion for results we create. Teem celebrates each employee, we celebrate career growth, hobbies, quirks and all of life's milestones together. It’s truly a place where we believe each person hired, was hired strategically to add to our product and culture, so we place trust in each other."

- Miki Loveless, HR Manager at Teem

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