December 6th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track


LobbyConnect is our visitor management solution that’s controlled from the same dashboard used for Rooms/Desks. LobbyConnect acts as a virtual front desk so that when visitors check in, their hosts are immediately notified of their arrival. This intuitive product improves security in the workplace, saves time for both the guest and host, and might we add, impresses your guests by giving them a taste of the modern workplace.

There are some new features from the update that make the visitor experience easier to use and smoother than ever. Here are some highlights:

  • LobbyConnect sends SMS, email, or chat notifications to the host when their visitor checks in, eliminating the need for a receptionist to track them down.
  • Using this product means using less paper.  Guests can be required to sign NDAs or other contracts as part of the check-in process. The signed documents are then stored in your Teem account, Dropbox, or Box where they are safe and easily accessible.
  • LobbyConnect hosts (who are notified when their visitors check in) are populated with Teem users so that you can manage your host list by syncing with SSO, SAML, or Active Directory. You can choose who will be on the host list by using groups to filter through users by location, departments, and more.
  • Pre-registration for visitors is here! Hosts will be able to pre-register guests and send email invites filled with everything they need to know about their upcoming visit to speed up the check-in process. It’s like giving visitors a fast pass to Disneyland…Well, sort of.
  • LobbyConnect now supports Brother 800 series printers. Guests will now be able to print out customized badges on the latest and greatest Brother printers, making them feel special and everyone around them feel safe.
  • Your delivery has arrived! We’ve added a new one-touch “Delivery” button to the home screen that notifies whoever is on delivery-duty of the arrival.
  • Customers wanted more options for personalization, so our design team made it so you can customize and add your company logo to welcome screens, guest invitations, and pre-registration emails.
  • LobbyConnect remembers everyone it checks in. Now returning visitors don’t have to fill in all of their information every time they come in. They simply enter their email and LobbyConnect will do the rest.

Read more about LobbyConnect 2.0 on our Support page.




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