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Recently, our iPad digital receptionist app received one of its most requested features yet: visitor badge printing! With this powerful new feature, guests are able to check in and have a badge printed immediately. It’s easy to set up, works over your WiFi network and is magical all at once.

Visitor Badges Make for a More Secure Office – Plus, It’s Fun

Badge printing is a step in securing your office. By requiring visitor registration and badge printing with LobbyConnect, you’re keeping tabs on who is in the office at all times.

Aside from making your office safer, badge printing is a quick and memorable experience. When visitors come to your office, they sign in on the iPad, select who they’re here to see, and then are able to take a photo and have a fun custom badge.

We have been testing badge printing for a few weeks at EventBoard, and started a Badge Wall of Fame. (See the bulletin board photo.) After your visit, you stick your badge on the wall and leave your mark! It’s a fun way to see who has visited us and also for return visitors to one up their previous badge.

Now You Can Customize Visitor Badges

We are happy to announce that our iPad visitor registration app now supports 100% custom badges. The new visitor badges are HTML and CSS based, which allows you to create your own badges and upload them for use with LobbyConnect in your office.

Unlike other visitor management systems, you now have full control over the entire look of the badge: ability to add images, guest WiFi password, and even dynamic QR Codes.

It’s your company, your lobby, your visitors. We think you should have badges your way too.

In order to take advantage of this new functionality, we created an all-new piece of software called Badge Preview.

You’ll use Badge Preview to create and view the badges, as well as preview your badge in real-time as they are built.

We look forward to seeing all the beautiful badges you create.

And don’t forget to watch this space: We’ll continue to add new LobbyConnect features that will make it the ultimate iPad client app for your company’s reception or lobby area.