September 30th, 2014


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

It’s been quite a day. You work your tail off, pull all-nighters, test and retest, refine and improve, break, fix and learn, discuss and resolve in hopes that a day like today will come to fruition. Today we officially announced the EventBoard.io platform.

What started as a simple digital conference room display has grown into an entire platform designed to make managing and optimizing conference rooms efficient and intuitive.

Along the way, we’ve added the ability to customize the displays to match the unique aesthetic and design language of each one of our customers. And finally, we’ve been relentless in our pursuit to uncover largely ignored, but extremely valuable data for our customers. Analytics that finally quantify the workplace, allowing companies to see how to most efficiently utilize employee time and room resources.

We owe huge thanks to our investors, which include Google VenturesZetta Venture Partners, Marc Benioff, Dave Elkington and Josh James, among others.

We are also thrilled with the extremely positive reaction from the press today. It accurately confirms the enthusiastic feedback we’ve received from so many of our terrific clients.

We also want to thank today the many customers who have been total rockstars by sticking with us through early versions of the software. We have never been more excited and confident in the future of EventBoard than we are today. We are focused on providing our current and future clients with the same top-notch customer service we have always made a top priority.

We are already busy refining EventBoard, developing new features, and making it absolutely the best product out there. As exciting and great as today feels, we aren’t slowing down. Today’s public launch isn’t a culmination – it’s just the beginning.


Shaun Ritchie


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