April 6th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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Organization is an essential part of efficiently running any kind of business. Lehi, Utah-based SaaS company Weave knows that. In fact, their software focuses on helping dental practices keep their practice-patient communications organized to help streamline their daily tasks.

But while Weave was able to do that for their clients, they were having trouble inside their own office organizing their meetings and streamlining the scheduling part.

Weave’s Meeting Problems

Weave’s office is an open, collaborative environment, which has its perks, but sometimes employees need quieter spaces to meet and work. And although their office space is complete with nine conference rooms, their growing numbers were starting to make it harder and harder for people to find a place to meet when they needed to.

Nancy Haight, CEO Brandon Rodman’s executive administrator, said, “We needed an organized way for people to know where they were meeting, a way to make that process more orderly and slick.”

She went on to say that in some cases, employees would spend half their scheduled meeting time just trying to find a place to meet. 

How Teem Solved Weave’s Problems

After dealing with these unorganized meeting problems for long enough, Brandon decided it was time to give Teem’s (EventBoard at the time) meeting room displays and system a try. And ever since they’ve incorporated conference room scheduling software from Teem, meeting issues became nearly non-existent.

Inside Weave’s office space, nine meeting room displays and a LobbyConnect display in the office’s entryway are now set up. They also integrated Weave’s Teem account with Google Calendar so calendar invites are sent out to employees showing them every meeting detail.

Each addition has made it easier for employees to schedule meetings, even last-minute ones, and easier for employees to know exactly where they need to be and when to be there. Teem’s tools helped Weave employees save time scheduling and holding meetings, making their entire office more efficient and their internal meeting culture more professional.

Weave has also improved meetings with outside guests, thanks to LobbyConnect—the visitor management system from Teem. Now it’s not challenging for visitors to find who they’re supposed to meet with or where they need to go inside Weave’s large office. With LobbyConnect, when a visitor arrives, they simply check in at the LobbyConnect monitor, and a message is immediately sent to the person he or she is meeting with so that person can then come out and greet him or her.

And if for some reason the person hosting the meeting hasn’t booked a conference room, they don’t have to waste time walking around trying to find an open room. Weave’s lobby area has a TV monitor that gives employees a quick, convenient way to see what meeting rooms are currently available.

For more information on how Teem was able to help Weave overcome their unorganized meeting woes, check out their full case study.

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